0In a country where jobs are scarce, and the average income is about $200 a month, those with disabilities face unique challenges when it comes to finding work.

While most of those with whom we work are still student-age, we recognize that gainful employment is one of the main goals for their future.  We try to equip our students and residents not only with the academic skills needed to find a job, but the personal and social skills as well as work ethic, needed to keep a job.  At the high school level, our students focus on a specific career path and take courses designed to increase their chances of finding work.

Fidel at his graduation from computer classes
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We have realized that those with more severe cognitive and/or physical disabilities may never gain competitive employment and are exploring ways to develop supported employment opportunities within our ministry. This will likely mean that in the future we will begin a small business or cottage industry to provide employment for these individuals.